Sunday, February 13, 2011

HurdAudio Rotation: Heavy Improvisation

London Improvisers Orchestra/Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: Separately & Together. 2008. Emanem: 4219.

London Improvisers Orchestra:
Harry Beckett, Roland Ramanan, Ian Smith: trumpets
Robert Jarvis: trombone
Catherine Pluygers: oboe
Terry Day: bamboo pipes
John Rangecroft: clarinet
Chefa Alonso, Lol Coxhill, Adrian Northover: soprano saxophones
Caroline Kraabel: alto saxophone
Evan Parker: tenor saxophone
Alison Blunt, Susanna Ferrar, Sylvia Hallett, Philipp Wachsmann: violins
Ivor Kallin: violin, viola
Hannah Marshall, Marcio Mattos, Barbara Meyer: cellos
Dominic Lash, David Leahy: double basses
John Bisset, Dave Tucker: electric guitars
Veryan Weston: piano
Jackie Walduck: vibraphone
Javier Carmona: percussion

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra:
Aileen Campbell: voice
Matthew Cairns, Robert Henderson: trumpets
George Murray: trombone
Emma Roche, Matthew Studdert-Kennedy: flutes
John Burgess: bass clarinet
Raymond MacDonald: alto saxophone
Graeme Wilson: baritone saxophone
Peter Nicholson: cello
Una MacGlone, Armin Sturm: double basses
George Burt: guitar
Neil Davidson: electric guitar
Chris Hladowski: bouzouki
Rick Bamford, Stuart Brown: percussion

A fascinating showcase of the large improvising ensemble sound as practiced on the other side of the pond. A live meeting of conduction inspired musics and creative collectivism. The London Improvisers Orchestra featuring shorter pieces showcasing compositional approaches toward improvisation. With "Too Late, Too Late, It's Ever So Late" offering up literary whimsical touches. Performing separately and as one double improvisers orchestra this collection reveals the richness of creative improvised music on a massive scale as a tremendous medium with limitless potential. And only a fraction of what is possible was explored on this double disc. It does fuel the compositional and improvisational mind.

Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet: Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet. 2003. Ropeadope Records: 0-7567-93183-2-9.

Skerik: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Joe Doria: hammond organ
John Wicks: drums
Steve Moore: trombone, wurlitzer electric piano
Hans Teuber: alto saxophone, flute
Dave Carter: trumpet
Craig Flory: baritone saxophone

Like a dose of Critters Buggin with a horn section on a long march from New Orleans to Seattle. It's hard to resist the pulsating gravity of the grooves accompanied by the strong horn writing that makes this collection tick. Skerik fearlessly lays down some thick rhythm baritone parts that propel things pretty hard. The live recording offers up plenty of evidence that the heavy punches thrown on this disc are entirely real. This band is a true heavyweight in the ring.

Steve Lacy Quintet: Esteem. 2004 release of the 1975 recording. Atavistic: ALP260CD.

Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
Steve Potts: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Irene Aebi: cello, violin
Kent Carter: bass
Kenneth Tyler: percussion

An almost relentless sampling of the live Steve Lacy experience. The incredible chemistry built up within this long running quintet and the continual refining and reinvention of their relationships with these compositions. It makes me very sad to have missed my chance to see Lacy perform during his lifetime. He was a master. A truly invaluable documentation.

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