Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exotic Hypnotic 2008: The Peabody Consort

The Peabody Consort @ University of Baltimore Student Center Performing Arts Theater, Baltimore, MD
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Part of the Exotic Hypnotic series - in conjunction with Artscape.

In a short set of Renaissance music for a quartet of string instruments (treble and bass viol de gamba, lute and pre-nineteenth century guitar) and voice the Peabody Consort gave polished performances of melodic, and often harmonically cyclical early works.  The vocalist was particularly stunning with her nearly improbable dead-on intonation.  The informal introductions of these pieces stood in sharp contrast to the rehearsed precision of the music itself.  The largely Italian and English works selected for this set suggests a wealth of varied pieces to be discovered from this era.  The degree of polish and attention to musical nuance offered by the Peabody Consort does enormous justice to these works that only encourages curiosity for both the instruments and compositions of this period.

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