Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exotic Hypnotic 2008: The Bow Legged Gorilla

The Bow Legged Gorilla @ University of Baltimore Student Center Performing Arts Theater, Baltimore, MD
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Part of the Exotic Hypnotic series - in conjunction with Artscape.

Bringing an urban slant to the one-man band, the Bow Legged Gorilla brings his considerable beatboxing chops into a mix that includes acoustic guitar, foot operated accordion, singing and song writing.  The interplay of words and vocal percussion adds a dimension to his groove-laden sound that allows occasional glimpses of poetry to emerge between the cracks.  The restless creative energy keeps things fresh as he stubbornly avoids folding the beats or the guitar parts into a supporting role.  Such restlessness occasionally lapsed into unfocused playing, but the hint of focus behind this sound showed enormous promise as the Gorilla hits his stride.  This was a good set that felt like an early glimpse of an emerging phenomenon.

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