Monday, January 29, 2007

Scale of the Day: G Dorian no 4 mapped to the Square-root-of-2


The G Dorian mapped to the Square-root-of-2 Scale. The intervallic symmetry of the Dorian Scale with the gap of the omitted fourth degree shrunk down to a quarter-tone scale.


Adam said...

I've lost track of your baseball blog if you still run it. You getting excited about the season yet? I'm counting down the days. Lots of people are predicting a good year for the Dodgers. Hope they're right. ;)

Devin Hurd said...

Only 63 days until opening day. Leather, Runs and Repeat (there's a link on the left side of this page) has been dormant for a little while as I've been making the move out to the East Coast. But I'm thinking about doing a series on starting pitchers to watch for in '07.

Jason Schmidt pitching at Dodger Stadium could make a big difference in the NL West. They need to do much better against the Padres this time around and their off season changes might be enough to do just that. Though, from my perspective, it looks like it could be the Phillies that go all the way this year.

Adam said...

I didn't think to check there for the link for some reason. I'm losing my edge I guess.

I'm trying to get some tickets to the Dodgers and Giants series in San Francisco before I move away. Should be my last chance for a while to see easy baseball before I too move East. My friend Daniel who occasionally comments on the site is coming out to see the A's and the White Sox. He's a big fan of the Sox as you may know.

The Dodgers didn't really get what they were looking for in the way of a power hitter. I think that Either will step it up though. He was really solid until the last few weeks of the season last year. I think the Dodgers have the best chance in the NLW again this year but I don't look for them to get a break from the rest of the NL like last year. Anyway...