Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scale of the Day: E Flat Pythagorean Mixolydian no 4

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The E Flat Pythagorean Mixolydian no 4 Scale. This is the 3-limit (Pythagorean) just intonation version of this subtractive scale. The 32/27 minor third appears between the 81/64 and 3/2 where the missing 4/3 perfect fourth would have been. Without that fourth degree the 16/9 becomes the only utonal member of this particular set - a property normally associated with Ionian scales. But the 1024/729 diminished fifth between the 81/64 and the 16/9 give this scale its unmistakable Mixolydian flavor.


the improvising guitarist said...

You learn a new word every day. I had to look up ‘utonal’.

S, tig

Devin Hurd said...

For my purposes, I regard any interval with the largest prime factor in the denominator as 'utonal.' 16/9 is utonal because the largest prime factor is 3. I generally associate utonal with dark shades. Scales with more utonal members sound darker than scales less utonal members.