Saturday, June 03, 2006

Baseball Post: 3-picks - New York (Queens), Los Angeles, Atlanta

June 3
Jamey Wright (5-4) (SF) vs. Orlando Hernandez (3-4) (NYM)
El Duque plays for the Mets now and I think the change of scenery should do wonders for his ERA. He's certainly enjoyed success with that "other" New York club and was also part of last year's White Sox championship season. He knows how to win and it's good to see him back in the starter role.

June 4
Brett Myers (4-2) (PHI) vs. Aaron Sele (3-0) (LAD)
Is this the same Aaron Sele we've seen in past years. His hot start seems way out of character and I'm waiting to see if reality catches up to him. Even with that incredible 2001 Mariners run he came crashing down to Earth hard in that postseason. Likewise, Myers is also either putting up some career numbers or due for a major correction. This particularly game could be a reality check for one of these starters.

June 5
Livan Hernandez (4-5) (WAS) vs. Tim Hudson (5-3) (ATL)
Livan has been the workhorse of the National League as he logs in more innings of work than anybody. He'll be up against a tough competitor in Tim Hudson. But these veterans are also declining somewhat so I expect the offense to be a particularly important factor in this game.

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