Wednesday, September 28, 2005

One Full Year of HurdAudio Blogging!

One year ago today the inaugural "Why Harmony?" post went up. An entry that -- much to my surprise -- still periodically draws interesting feedback to my inbox. It's been an interesting experiment in the transmission and cross-pollination of ideas in an instant, self-publishing venue. It's been a pleasure hearing from and sharing ideas with similarly music-obsessed people.

During this most recent orbit around the sun I explored a personal take on Black History Month and Women's History Month through 50 individual blog entries. Then I uprooted from the Seattle area and set up HurdAudio operations in southern California. I installed two entries in the Hall of Heroes (with plans for more). I advocated for the preservation of the music of Sun Ra. (I'm still haunted by that image of the wardrobe cabinet filled with unrecorded Sun Ra scores and feel strongly that something needs to be done there.) The HurdMusic material is just getting started. I dipped a cautious toe into political topics. And even veered into my baseball obsession a few times. (The Angels just clinched the AL West yesterday! Having the postseason nearby makes my recent move worthwhile.) And there have been a whole lot of "Scale of the Day" entries.

It's interesting to see which entries strike a nerve or draw a lot of search engine traffic. There's something encouraging about gauging a sustained, international interest in a body of music that means a great deal to me personally. I am more optimistic that valuable cultural achievements will endure as natural human curiosity leads people to seek things out.


jerrie said...

Congrats! Keep up the Good work!

Bart Collins said...

Congratulations! Keep on blogging!