Monday, January 03, 2011

Electric Groove Carving

Paul Giallorenzo/Anton Hatwich/Charles Rumback @ The Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL
January 2, 2011

Paul Giallorenzo: electric piano
Anton Hatwich: electric bass, acoustic bass
Charles Rumback: drums

An electric piano trio that forms its textures and allegiances through groove. Paul Giallorenzo's rock-steady-yet-jagged compositions gives this trio material to chew on with his electric piano timbre sitting at the heart of the sound. Anton Hatwich anchors the ostinato bass lines while Charles Rumback gives a restrained and organic sense of pulse. This group was a revelation at The Hungry Brain into the wee hours of a Sunday night. Hearing Anton Hatwich work the electric bass into a tight groove with the drums was particularly surprising.

The smoldering, understated solos formed an unholy partnership with a smattering of odd meters and subtly twisted forms. The balance of funk with a laid back sound was beautiful to behold. This is one group that needs to get into the recording studio.

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