Tuesday, March 09, 2010

International Ornette Coleman Day 2010

When I saw Ornette Coleman perform at Davies Symphony Hall late last year it was like watching the Dalai Lama of hamolodic philosophy ply his craft to improvised music. The room erupted with an outpouring of love and respect for the lifetime of music that has been and continues to be The Shape of Jazz to Come. The musician who became so revolutionary by remaining true to his own sound. And when he picked up his tenor saxophone that night the familiar human cry and temperament left no doubt that he still possesses that unerring sense of melody. The intervallic phonemes that are so uniquely his. The controversy that greeted his explosive arrival onto the jazz scene has all but subsided into a collective awe for the path he blazed for later generations to explore. Now it is hard to imagine jazz history without the imprint he has left upon it.

Ornette Coleman turns 80 today. While beauty may be a rare thing, it is rarely farther away than his recordings. With song titles that read like poetry imbued with sounding qualities attached to the names. Have a harmolodic day.

Focus On Sanity
Lonely Woman
Monk And The Nun
Just For You
Una Muy Bonita
Bird Food
Change Of The Century
Music Always
The Face Of The Bass
The Circle With A Hole In The Middle
Little Symphony
The Tribes Of New York
Rise And Shine
Mr. And Mrs. People
Blues Connotation
I Heard It Over The Radio
P.S. Unless One Has (Blues Connotation No. 2)
Revolving Doors
Brings Goodness
Joy Of A Toy
To Us
Humpty Dumpty
The Fifth of Beethoven
Motive For Its Use
Moon Inhabitants
The Legend Of Bebop
Some Other
Embraceable You
Folk Tale
Beauty Is A Rare Thing
Free Jazz
PROOF Readers
Check Up
T. & T.
C. & D.
The Alchemy Of Scott LaFaro
Cross Breeding
Harlem's Manhattan

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