Sunday, March 28, 2010

HurdAudio Rotation: Time Changes and Then Some

Mark Dresser/Denman Maroney: Time Changes. 2005. Cryptogramophone: CG 124.

Mark Dresser: bass
Denman Maroney: hyperpiano
Michael Sarin: drums, percussion
Alexandra Montano: voice

Massive helpings of polyrhythms as various lines of 2-against-3-against-4-against-5-etc. move in and out of phase with one another as the ensemble moves through fields of metric modulation and other systemic "time changes." Yet this music never buries the players under the formal tricks and hyper-inventive design of these charts. The hyperpiano - really an improvised form of preparing the instrument in real time and using plenty of inside the instrument techniques - is afforded plenty of room for subtle shifts without falling into a novelty of extended techniques. And the music maintains a fierce swing and fidelity to jazz traditions. Making all the uncompromising formal machinations even more impressive. This one continues to be a strong favorite in the rotation.

Andrew Drury: A Momentary Lapse. 2003. Innova: 581.

Andrew Drury: composer, drum set
Eyvind Kang: violin
Briggan Krauss: alto saxophone, clarbone
Chris Speed: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Myra Melford: piano
Mark Dresser: bass

Another long standing favorite in the rotation. It's hardly a coincidence that it features Mark Dresser on bass as well. He's never been involved in a disappointing session. Great band all around (Myra Melford on piano is a real stand out) playing some outstanding tunes with plenty of polish. As good as any jazz record of the last 25 years as far as my ears are concerned.

Bill Frisell/Dave Holland/Elvin Jones: Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones. 2001. Nonesuch: 79624-2.

Bill Frisell: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, loops
Dave Holland: bass
Elvin Jones: drums

Three legends of extreme musicianship and jazz chops get together and play through the Bill Fisell songbook. Knowing these tunes so well from earlier recordings adds a spark to hearing these wickedly tight interpretations. Music such as this is an indulgence.

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