Sunday, February 07, 2010

HurdAudio Rotation: Big Red and the Cellos

Killick: Bull****. 2007. Sul Ponticello: 00261 22074.

Killick: 38-string harp guitar

"Extemporaneous guitaristic paciforms of the balmy stasis when peace supplants war." Killick's improvisational soundscapes generate a spontaneous enthusiasm for me. This solo set featuring "Big Red," a custom instrument built by Fred Carlson featuring 38-strings and a wealth of microtones, is simply beautiful in every way. Visually stunning (I've seen Killick perform live - the visual joys of viewing this instrument are not present on this recording) as well as sonically rich. In Killick's hands he tours through territory that embraces both gentle textures and sounds of brutality. The amplification serving to bring out a full range of sonic discourse. Bull*** is a short journey. And a testament to the potential of creating rich sonic terrain with new instruments.

Clusone 3: An Hour With ... 2000. Hathut: hatOLOGY 554.

Michael Moore: alto saxophone, clarinet, melodica
Ernst Reijseger: cello
Han Bennink: drums

Music that careens through stylistic and creative territories on the frenetic drumming of Han Bennink through a set structured along bird themes. Through all the crackling interplay between the three forces that make up this trio the roots that stretch through an entirety of jazz and European improvisational traditions runs incredibly deep. All the careening force in the world is held in place by a grounding in Irving Berlin, Lee Konitz and Hoagy Carmichael. Much of the perceived whimsy and whiplash changes drawing from the contrast through the generous calm moments of this music. The tension of knowing that a "Turkey In The Straw" could burst forth at any moment. A trio for the ages.

Erik Friedlander/Broken Arm Trio: Broken Arm Trio. 2008. Skipstone Records: 59700 87882.

Erik Friedlander: cello
Trevor Dunn: bass
Mike Sarin: drums

A sound thick with Friedlander's melodic pizzicato lines as they sit squarely in the pocket. The rhythm section is extremely tight and the compositions are overflowing with folksy charm. Short pieces that add up to a pleasant listen as these three veterans of the downtown scene spin out tunes inspired by Oscar Pettiford and Herbie Nichols. The Broken Arm of Broken Arm Trio referring to bassist Pettiford taking up the cello after breaking his own arm.

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