Wednesday, December 09, 2009

HurdAudio Rotation: The Art of the Improvisers

Aaron Dugan: {ten improvisations}. 2006. Jungulous: 001.

Aaron Dugan: electric guitar

A focused burst that places the ears within the creative mental space of Aaron Dugan and the electric pulses of his electric guitar. The use of processing and pedals playing a moderate role in folding noise into a signal of pulsating, angular materials and rhythmic impulse. Thoughtful while honestly taking on the amplified power of the instrument and the language formed behind its use in rock music.

Ornette Coleman Trio: The Ornette Coleman Trio at the "Golden Circle," Stockholm - volume one. 1965 (re-released as the Rudy Van Gelder edition in 2002). Blue Note Records: 7243 5 35518 2 7.

Ornette Coleman: alto saxophone
David Izenzon: bass
Charles Moffett: drums

On this go around my ears are drawn to the cymbal work of Charles Moffett. Panned hard right with an unusual resonance there are these enharmonic drones that emanate from his kit that slide in and around the harmolodic adventures pouring out of Ornette Coleman's alto. The human qualities of his saxophone sound on full display as he weaves between plaintive cries and melodic contours fashioned around his intervallic sensibilities.

Don Byron: Do The Boomerang: The Music of Junior Walker. 2006. Blue Note Records: 946 3 41094 2.

Don Byron: tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
David Gilmore: guitar
George Colligan: hammond b-3 organ
Brad Jones: bass
Rodney Holmes: drums, tambourine
Curtis Fowlkes: trombone
Chris Thomas King: vocals, guitar
Dean Bowman: vocals

The projects Don Byron take creative directions that are surprising. Coming from a mind that is not held in place by boundaries between styles and aesthetic directives he is free to explore klezmer, Latin, hip-hop, opera arias, early twentieth century swing tunes and in this case 1960's era soul music. The level of excellence he achieves is not surprising. Music such as this lives and thrives under the feel that this outstanding ensemble brings to it. After a few spins my mind just snaps into the place this music creates and savors the sense of time laid out along the blues changes in this music. "Tally-Ho" and "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" providing the highlights of this listening experience.

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