Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello, Left Coast

It's a familiar story - it has probably happened to everyone at one time or another. I pack up for a cross-town move and end up moving to the other side of the country. Plans tend to change at odd intervals with unexpected consequences.

HurdAudio has returned to the Pacific time zone.

I'll miss the noise makers and collaborators of Baltimore. I wish continued success for the Mobtown Modern - it sounds like the Out To Lunch concert carried their adventurous sonic trajectory of a season to a fine conclusion. May the High Zero get a little higher every year. I'll miss that worn path that brought me to An Die Musik or the Red Room every weekend. May the early promise of The Hexagon Space and The Windup Space be fulfilled in the years ahead. May the Metro Gallery and Hybrid Groove Project also leave their respective marks. The humor found in chance encounters with Matmos, the thrill of scoring a pile of used Peter Brötzmann CDs at The True Vine and the inexplicable addiction to Sophi's Crepes are just a few of the charms of Charm City I leave behind.

With the settling in to a new geography there is the promise of music in the Bay Area. The land of Other Minds, Amoebas and Bay Improvisers is a fertile one for these ears. Not to mention my psychological connection to the American League West division. It's time to make noise and play ball.

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