Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scale of the Day: E Flat Octotonic-2 2% narrow


The E Flat Octotonic-2 2% narrow Scale.


Mark said...

Hi Devin,

Cool blog, but I'm a little confused: Why isn't that you don't post an audio file of these scales? After all, if I could simply hear these bizarre scales in my head after reading them, *I'd* be the one writing the blog :)

Actually, if you posted the absolute cents, ratios, or frequencies of the notes in text format, I could easily write a program to play the scale...

Devin Hurd said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Actually, every now and then I do post audio for these scales. These scales are following a sequence. New scales that are posted for the first time are notated (as in this one). The second time they are posted as an interval analysis. The third time (and beyond) they are posted as audio examples. So if you stay tuned, you'll get a chance to hear all of them. The notation is an invitation to tune it on your own.

You make a good point about posting cents, ratios or frequencies in text format. I should start doing that.

Mark said...

Yeah, someday I'll tune a few of these on my own, but I certainly don't have time to do it daily :). I will try today's scale, though, that certainly doesn't require any extraordinary effort :)