Monday, July 21, 2008

Exotic Hypnotic 2008: Ric Royer

Ric Royer @ University of Baltimore Student Center Performing Arts Theater, Baltimore, MD
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Part of the Exotic Hypnotic series - in conjunction with Artscape.

Ric Royer: story teller, medium
Bonnie Jones: devices

+ others

With an impressive sense of theatre and one of the more humorous pretenses for a freak-out - one that lulls the unsuspecting audience into an acceptance of deliberate craziness - Ric Royer took on the role of a medium as he led a performance/seance that twisted together the odd forces of the supernatural with primal, experimental expression.   Wearing a mask, and not saying a word, Bonnie Jones' array of dissembled guitar pedals became a machine for collecting and communicating with souls from beyond the veil.  Ric Royer began with a reading of a ghost story to set the tone for the performance.  He then sought to channel a writer from the beyond so that he might transmit what they have to say.  Royer claimed to be tapping into the spirit of Cormac McCarthy.  The fact that McCarthy is still alive adding to the absurdity.  With the help of two "volunteers" from the audience Royer wailed and screamed as he scribbled along a long roll of paper.  The "volunteers" offered their own interpretation of the scribbles in the form of various theatrics.  The streaming roll of paper was eventually streamed through the audience so that they might glimpse this amazing story being seanced into existence.

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