Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exotic Hypnotic 2008: Audrey Chen and Takuro Mizuta Lippit

Audrey Chen and Takuro Mizuta Lippit (DJ Sniff) @ University of Baltimore Student Center Performing Arts Theater, Baltimore, MD
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Part of the Exotic Hypnotic series - in conjunction with Artscape.

Audrey Chen: cello, voice, devices
Takuro Mizuta Lippit: turntables, electronics

Two passionate improvisers that bring the noise.  A rich, intoxicating noise slathered into every sonic crevice with gleeful abandon with ears for color and intensity.  

Audrey Chen's sonic vocabulary is by now a familiar part of the Baltimore experimental music landscape.  As familiar as her technique, extended technique and forceful lungs are, it's her collaborative prowess with different players that is so impressive as she matches and drives the intensity of any spontaneous creation.  

With this set she was well paired with Amsterdam-based turntablist DJ Sniff.  The balance between these two souls with fluctuating volume levels and focused manipulation of unstable sounds made for a dense texture of detailed sound.  The mesh of acoustic and electronic timbres ground into a singular sensibility.

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