Monday, May 12, 2008

Scale of the Day: E Flat Whole-tone (2 - 1) 2% wide


The E Flat Whole-tone (2 - 1) 2% wide Scale. The stretched quality of this scale sneaks up on the ear, as each successive semitone (the 102.00-cent interval just upward from the tonic) and whole-tone (202.00-cent intervals each) are well within the ear's tolerance range at just a few cents off of their equal tempered equivalents. But the succession of an extra 2-cents or 4-cents adds up to a 24-cent wide octave - which is noticeably wide and jarringly dissonant. And in this harmonic context, that jarring dissonance is treated as the interval of harmonic equivalence. This makes for some interesting resolutions into dissonant harmonies.

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