Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From the Bottom of the World to Area 405

Antipodes: Contemporary Australian performance art and music video
Curated by Timothy Nohe @ Area 405, Baltimore, MD
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Featuring works by Eugenia Raskopoulas, Justene Williams, Catherine Fargher, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Lisa Anderson, Jon Drummond, Warren Burt, Daniel Blinkhorn, Mari Lou Pavlovic, Debra Dawes, Mari Velonaki, Carla Cescon, Jacky Redgate, Lisa Andrew, Sara Waterson, Sarah Goffman, Josephine Starrs and Julie Rrap.

The down under sensibilities of Australia's video and sound artist community found illumination and kindred resonance as ruminations upon the effects of global warming, karaoke performance and repeated computer generated imagery projected deep within the recesses of Baltimore's Area 405 warehouse space. The often creative and wide ranging combinations of video with sound presented a mingling of high and low brow sensibilities with a strong sense of environment.

Justene Williams' Red Foto presented a striking image of rapid-fire, almost robotic movements of a woman covered with scraps of red photographs up against the mirrored corner inside the private room of a strip club. The sound of the patrons mingling with the reflected, surreal image that is aesthetically reinforced by the camera held by outstretched arms to catch a self portrait at the end of each movement. Part choreographed performance, part video poetry, this proved to be a kinetic expression that lingered.

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