Monday, March 17, 2008

HurdAudio Rotation: Quartet, Solo, Trio

Ludwig van Beethoven: The Complete Quartets - Volume I. Recorded in 1989. Delos: CD 3031.

String Quartet in F Major op.18 no.1
String Quartet in E-Flat Major op. 127

The Orford String Quartet:
Andrew Dawes: violin
Kenneth Perkins: violin
Terence Helmer: viola
Denis Brott: cello

Opus 18 is closer to the Hayden-esque Beethoven while opus 127 flexes considerable expressive range and expansive portions. These are straight ahead 4-movement works suitable for polite company with considerable substance for the curious and attentive ear. This disc has had a few rounds in the rotation and it's that second movement of the F Major quartet that's drawing me in.

Aaron Dugan: {ten improvisations}. 2006. Jungulous: 001.

Aaron Dugan: electric guitar

This is a winding journey through the range of noises one craves from the electric guitar once it gets plugged in and routed through a healthy set of effects processors, delays and amplification. The creative energy and capable fingers of Aaron Dugan takes this set through a range of ugly, dirty, lyrical and aurally beautiful. The direct link between the ideas and their immediate realization makes for an impressive sound. The brevity of these ten, isolated bursts makes for introspective, urban poetry.

Ornette Coleman Trio: At The "Golden Circle," Stockholm - volume one. 1965 (Rudy Van Gelder Edition released in 2002). Blue Note Records: 7243 5 35518 2 7.

Ornette Coleman: alto saxophone
David Izenzon: bass
Charles Moffett: drums

An outstanding set clearly worthy of the immortality of this Rudy Van Gelder re-mastering. There's a pristine, clear sound quality of a live trio locked into that intoxicatingly Coleman-esque improvisational zone. There are also two takes on the fascinating "European Echoes." A relatively simple piece by Ornette Coleman's melodic standards that opens up to all kinds of possibilities in the hands of these three players.

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