Friday, January 18, 2008

Scale of the Day: B Flat Square-root-of-2-axis, Construct #1, Lydian Mode


The B Flat Square-root-of-2-axis, Construct #1, Lydian Mode - Scale. This is one of the less traditional, 2-note scale constructions that appear in the "Scale of the Day" from time to time. Within octave space, the square-root-of-2-axis circles around with only two possible states relative to the tonic: the square-root-of-2 "tritone" and a unison/octave harmonic equivalent state. The square-root-of-2 axis takes on interesting properties in several non-octave spaces or in combination with multi-dimensional harmonic spaces - as will be seen in future scales of the day. For now, this is the square-root-of-2 axis in its simplest manifestation.

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