Sunday, December 09, 2007

HurdAudio Rotation: Fugitive, Black and Satanized

Reuben Radding: Fugitive Pieces. 2006. Pine Ear Music: PEM 002.

Reuben Radding: bass
Matt Bauder: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Andrew Drury: percussion
Nate Wooley: trumpet

The extremes of durations found on this disc holds deep appeal for me with "The Drowned City" completing it's sonic form in just under a minute immediately before the sprawling "The Gradual Instant" at more than 32 minutes. These timbrally intense, quiet pieces seem to suspend time regardless of how much has elapsed. This is a quartet focused on sound and how to slowly unravel its frayed edges through extended technique and deep listening. I imagine the Radding scores making use of graphic notation to coax this level of focus from these great improvisers.

Jim Black: Alasnoaxis. 2000. Winter & Winter: 910061-2.

Jim Black: drums
Hilmar Jensson: electric guitar
Chris Speed: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Skuli Sverrisson: electric bass

There's a wonderful ranginess to the music on this disc as the ideas and sounds organically sweep through elements of melodic lyricism, noise-filled bursts and coalescing grooves. While the stylistic variety is enormous, the shifts are rarely abrupt. The end result is a sound that is a welcome repeat presence in the rotation.

Satanized: Sickness and Hellth: The Secular Chansons of.... 2007. Badmaster Records: BM010.

Andrew Gasper: voice, turntable
Alex Nagle: guitar
Evan Lipson: bass
Pete Angevine: drums

This is one angry, aggressive sound out of Philadelphia and a side of Alex Nagle and Evan Lipson I wasn't aware of. Rage is a completely necessary sonic expression and this manifestation is difficult to take in and difficult to turn away from at the same time.

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