Sunday, October 07, 2007

Scale of the Day: F Square-root-of-2 Divided into 2 Equal Parts


The F Square-root-of-2 Divided into 2 Equal Parts Scale. The 600-cent "tritone" is the interval of equivalence in this simple-division scale.

This scale marks the end of a long cycle. Tomorrow's scale of the day will begin a new one with a return to subtractive scales. The next cycle will feature the first 5-limit tunning of a diatonic scale (5-limit diatonic harmony, in my opinion, is the ideal way to hear Western classical harmony). Which is one reason why this next cycle has been much anticipated here at HurdAudio.

There will also be the first audio sample of an octotonic-1 scale and the Mixolydian mapped to the Square-root-of-2 will be the quarter-tone scale rendered in audio over this next sequence. And simple division scales (like the one featured today) will begin to look at just divisions as opposed to the equal ones explored so far.

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