Tuesday, September 11, 2007

People Get Ready - Guelph Jazz Festival + Colloquium 2007: Catherine Potter - Duniya Project

Catherine Potter - Duniya Project @ Guelph Youth Music Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, September 8, 2007

Catherine Potter: composer/arranger, bansuri flutes
Thom Gossage: drums
John Gzowski: guitar
Nicolas Caloia: bass
Subir Dev: tabla

With a rare blending of East Indian Classical traditions and Western Jazz that lends equal weight and musicianship toward both improvised musics, the Duniya Project makes for one vibrant and exciting quintet. Catherine Potter led this group through a long set of tight, well-rehearsed music with generous space extended toward each performer. An automated tamboura provided a steady drone while the music flowed seamlessly through a wide range of densities, hypnotic solos and soaring melodic materials. The balance and blending of wooden flutes within the texture of drums, bass, guitar and tabla made for a great sound. And the energetic "trading 4's" between the drummer and tabla player was a brilliant display of creative musicianship.

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