Sunday, July 29, 2007

Scale of the Day: D Sharp Pythagorean Phrygian diminished 4


The Pythagorean Phrygian diminished 4 Scale. The Pythagorean diminished 4, at 384.36-cents with a frequency ratio of 8192/6561, will cognitively sound similar to the 5-limit major third, at 386.31-cents with a frequency ratio of 5/4. The difference between them is just 1.95-cents and the human auditory system will probably process as the more familiar major third. Conceptually, and contextually, the 8192/6561 diminished fourth degree is a 3-limit utonal interval while the 5/4 is a 5-limit otonal interval. This implies that the Pythagorean diminished fourth should add a dark hue to the harmonic pallet that is unrelated to its 5-space doppelganger.

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