Saturday, July 21, 2007

Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic: Santa Dads

Santa Dads @ Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic, Langsdale Auditorium, July 20, 2007, Baltimore, MD

Some might say that you haven't lived until you've seen a beat-boxer wearing a home-made Tigger costume accompanied by a grown man in a red dress playing electric ukulele. If such a spectacle has escaped your experiences consider yourself fortunate. The "Next World Minstrels" known as Santa Dads are an acquired taste at best. The "theatrics," such as they are, do little to gloss over the lack of musical substance. The ability to make a spit-filled kick drum and high-hat into a microphone makes for a limited beat-box vocabulary, particularly when the tempo/groove is less than convincing. And it's a little puzzling how someone with a vocal range of less than an octave can still miss every single note.

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