Sunday, July 22, 2007

Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic: John Dierker/Will Redman/Marc Miller

John Dierker/Will Redman/Marc Miller @ Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic, Langsdale Auditorium, July 21, 2007, Baltimore, MD

The trio of John Dierker, Will Redman and Marc Miller - now billing themselves as Micro Kingdom, have come a long way since I last saw them play in February. They've developed into a tight, cohesive improvising trio that deftly navigates a range of sonic textures. Their willingness to both embrace and abandon pulse - without any outward signs of self-consciousness toward groove and anti-groove - makes for some compelling improvisation. They also have the same willingness to pursue both soft and loud textures that adds many different shades to their collective sound. This was easily the best set of today's marathon.

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