Sunday, July 22, 2007

Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic: Jackie Blake

Jackie Blake @ Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic, Langsdale Auditorium, July 21, 2007, Baltimore, MD

Armed with nothing more than an alto saxophone and deep reserves of soul Jackie Blake played a fantastic solo set. As he introduced each composition there was a resounding consistency between his words and his actions as a musician. A theme of spiritual searching would emerge as he would speak of a piece of music as a prayer, then proceed to pray through his alto saxophone. His reflections upon higher thought carried with deep resonance into his music. What a fantastic figure to have in the Baltimore music scene! There is much to learn from this man's experience and talent.

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vernard r gray said...

How are you? I am organizing a jazz performance series project called Be Mo Jazz and I'd like your email address/telenumber so that I might contact you with further information.

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