Saturday, July 21, 2007

Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic: Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa @ Artscape/Exotic Hypnotic, Langsdale Auditorium, July 20, 2007, Baltimore, MD

I've written about Brian Sacawa in concert and on CD in this blog. He is emerging as a great champion of new works for saxophone and he consistently engages the listener with unexpected sounds and territory for that instrument. In a marathon of experimental music his set is easily the most striking for its consistency and fine tuned musicianship.

With DJ Dubble8 manning the turntables, Sacawa featured some compositions and improvisations drawing upon electronica and beat-oriented influences. I suspect this will be a direction a lot of composers will be exploring in the years and decades ahead and the music on this program exposes some startling possibilities. I particularly liked the composition built upon spoken phrases by Billie Holiday.

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