Saturday, June 02, 2007

The FAB 3

The FAB Trio @ An Die Musik, Baltimore - June 2, 2007

Joe Fonda: bass
Barry Altschul: drums
Billy Bang: violin

I caught the first set of the FAB Trio tonight. There's some nice chemistry between these players as they direct their impressive creative improvisation pedigrees toward a collaborative sound.

There were clear focal points as each player would spin out impressive solos. And when not taking solos they would be directing the same intensity toward a constantly shifting and evolving sonic canvas. This is a relatively traditional approach toward free improvisation, but one that works well for this trio given the limitless inventiveness each one has when in the spotlight. And there was something deeply satisfying about the funk maintained by this rhythm section as Barry Altschul would work a steady pulse - at times turning the beat around or prodding at its elasticity - while Fonda and Bang would weave in some deceptive ostinatos that were constantly changing in subtle ways. This was a sound that came out greater than the sum of its considerable parts.

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