Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scale of the Day: E 5, Square-root-of-2, Construct No. 1 - Lydian Mode - reflected into the first pool


The E 5, Square-root-of-2, Construct No.1 - Lydian Mode - reflected into the first pool - Scale. The first construct of a 5, Square-root-of-2 Scale in Lydian mode (using all otonal members - if you can stretch the term to fit square-roots) yeilds a two-note scale within an octave with a single member at approximately a minor seventh (the 986.31 cent member pictured above). When "reflected into the first pool" that same minor seventh porportionality is then applied within that minor seventh and adds the "minor sixth" at 810.68 cents above. That is, 810.68 is to 986.31 as 986.31 is to 1200.00. It's an additive device I use to expand 2-note scales into 3-note scales.

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