Monday, April 16, 2007

HurdAudio Rotation: The 3 B's - Beethoven, Brotzmann and Big Band

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphonies No. 1 & 2 (disc 1). Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Barry Wordsworth, James Lockhart and Guenther Herbig. Recorded August 1994 at C.T.S. Studios, London, England. The International Music Company: 205297-305.
Symphony No. 1 in C major (Op. 21) (1800)
Symphony No. 2 in D major (Op. 36) (1803)
I revisited these old, old juggernauts today. This is clearly "early" Beethoven as these symphonies retain their classical 4-movement form and the harmonic modulations are more restrained than what would follow later in Beethoven's creative output. Hearing these works reminds me why these symphonies continue to be a fetish for so many.

Peter Brotzmann/Michael Zerang: Live in Beirut 2005. Al Maslakh Recordings 03.
Peter Brotzmann: tenor saxophone, tarogato, B flat clarinet
Michael Zerang: drums, darbuka, percussion
Hearing Brotzmann play live last Friday night left me hungry for more from this forceful improviser. There's an undeniable pleasure to hearing the Dionysian release from both sides of this duo. This set was recorded at the 2005 Irtijal Festival of Improvised Music in Beirut, Lebanon as a cross-pollination between the German-born free-improviser and the middle-eastern/Arabic underground scene. I'm curious to hear more documentation like this from the Al Maslakh label. My Brotzmann craving is still not entirely sated.

Peter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics Ensemble: Jodoji Brightness. 1992. Antilles: 314-512 320-2.
Peter Apfelbaum: tenor saxophone, piano, organ, synthesizer, drums, percussion
Bill Ortiz: trumpet, flugelhorn
Jeff Cressman: trombone, pyramid bell, percussion
James Harvey: trombone
Paul Hanson: alto and tenor saxophones, basoon
Tony Jones: tenor saxophone
Peck Allmond: sprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, trumpet
Norbert Stachel: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones, clarinet, flute, piccolo
Will Bernard: guitar
Stan Franks: guitar
Jai Uttal: guitar, harmonium, dotar, percussion
Bo Freeman: bass
Joshua Jones V: drums, timbales, bass drum, congas, bata, vocals
Deszon X. Claiborne: drums, percussion
"Buddha" Robert Huffman: congas, bell tree, gongs, bata, vocals
Rachel Durlin: violin
Steven Bernstein: trumpet
Sekou Heath: bata, percussion, vocals
This one makes a return appearance to the HurdAudio rotation as I keep coming back to hear the writing/arranging.

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