Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogday 2006

It's Blogday 2006! As per the custom, here are links to 5 blogs from around the world focusing on subject matter not normally discussed at HurdAudio:

1) Topological Geometrodynamics Journal. From Hanko, Finland.

2) Chicano Art and Literature. From San Diego, CA, USA.

3) Okansas. Daily thoughts on orienteering from Kansas City, MO, USA.

4) Serve It Forth. From Los Angeles, CA, USA.

5) Gone Gaming. Hard core board game fans from points unknown.

Happy Blogday!


On a blog related note. I've decided to split out my baseball content onto a second blog: Leather, Runs & Repeat.


1 comment:

Robert Gable said...

Thanks for the board game link. Will subscribe.

I just found your baseball blog via a bloglines query. What particularly interests me is game score as a proxy for a pitcher's performance in a particular game. In a perfect world, there'd be an RSS feed noting every pitcher's most recent performance. At least ESPN.COM does calculate it.

Looking forward to that Tigers/A's playoff series. Too much to expect the Giants and Angels though...