Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Baseball Post: Shigetoshi Hasegawa Retires

Shigetoshi Hasegawa announced his retirement yesterday. I first noticed this guy when he was working out of the bullpen for the Angels. He seemed like an under-rated relief pitcher and anytime I saw him come out against the Mariners I knew that he would snuff out any rallies as they just couldn't do anything with his fastball. His mechanics were really interesting to watch as well. I was sure glad to see him move over to "our side" when he joined the Mariners in 2002. He was outstanding in 2003 when his career best 1.48 ERA got him an All-Star nod that season.

Easily my fondest Shiggy memory will be teaching my son how to pronounce his name. That's a lot of syllables for a 3-year-old just learning language skills to negotiate. But he would say it with a lot of enthusiasm whenever he came out of the bullpen and we were both fans of his impressive talent.

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