Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scale of the Day: E Square-root-of-2-axis Construct #1, Lydian Mode - Reflected into the First Pool

The E Square-root-of-2-axis, Construct #1, Lydian Mode - Reflected into the First Pool - Scale. Which happens to be available on any conventionally tuned, equal tempered instrument.

Just to reiterate the definition of "Reflected into the First Pool." This is my personal convention for adding to small scales that would otherwise be too harmonically impoverished for extended use. The first pool is the interval found between the root and the second member of an ascending scale. The intervals making up the scale as a whole are compressed to fit into that first interval. In this simple example a 2-note scale consisting of scale members at 0.00, 600.00 and 1200.00 cents is expanded to a 3-note scale with the addition of a member pitch-class at 300.00 cents (300.00 is to 600.00 what 600.00 is to 1200.00).

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