Thursday, December 29, 2005

Scale of the Day: B Pythagorean Whole-tone - Lydian Mode

The B Pythagorean Whole-tone - Lydian Mode - Scale. This is basically a string of 9/8 major seconds with the exception of the 65536/59049 diminished 3rd between the G double-sharp and the B natural. This scale is said to be in "Lydian Mode" because all the non-tonic scale degrees are otonal. And in the case of a Pythagorean scale this means that 3 is the largest prime factor and it's found exclusively in the numerator of each frequency ratio. Another artifact of the Pythagorean system is the use of double-sharps to preserve the proper spelling of this scale as one would tune it. There are no "enharmonics" in just systems.

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