Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So Alex Rodriguez took the 2005 American League MVP award today. I can't really argue with that decision. He is easily the most talented players in the major leagues and the numbers are all there from last year. Having seen him warm up and play at game 1 of the ALDS this year I can honestly say there's an intensity and intimidation factor with A-Rod that I don't see in many other players. Some incredible batting practice swings. Some incredible warm-up tosses and just a frightening level of seriousness and professionalism.

But I also remember seeing him play with the Mariners back in better days for that team. And the old Mariners fan in me has a couple of habits that die hard. One is a reluctance to root for a Yankee. An incredible team, great players, great history, etc. I'm still inclined to root against them. It's an underdog impulse. The other Mariners habit is the undeniable joy of the inspired boo's and catcalls that A-Rod induces back at Safeco Field as Monopoly money comes cascading out of the stands.

The NL MVP award will be announced tomorrow. There's no clear front runner on that one. Though I'm leaning toward Derrek Lee.

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