Thursday, September 01, 2005

BlogDay 2005

If the blogger sees its shadow then we can expect 6 more weeks of summer...

Somewhere between meme and tradition the official BlogDay ritual consists of linking to 5 other blogs outside one's normal topic of focus (and preferably from other countries from around the world).

I'll start local:

From Los Angeles, I present Baking Sheet. Mmmmm.... rice pudding....

From Maine, I present Wampum. Progressive politics, Indian Issues, and Autism Advocacy.

From Prague, I present Prague:Buzznet. A photo blog featuring this beautiful city.

From Amsterdam, I present the Bicyclemark's Communique.

And the Timely Report, a blog about Japanese baseball. The anime graphics on this one are a blast.

Enjoy. BlogDay comes only once a year.

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Bart Collins said...

Excellent links!