Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mellow Gold

Life's been busy at HurdAudio. Setting up house in a new location and ramping up on a new job have been pretty intense. It's all good though.

My ears have been thirsting for music as there's been less time for drinking it in lately. I did enjoy working out at the gym with Mellow Gold streaming through the headphones this morning.

Beck: Mellow Gold Posted by Hello

This CD has aged remarkably well. Which is unusual for music of such a commercially viable genre. Many of the drum loops are a little dated but so much of the song writing really taps into something genuine while the sonic textures shift frequently and careen dangerously close to musique concrete-esque manipulations.

Aside from the opening hit "Loser" there's also the viscerally appealing punk/paranoia "Everyone's Out To Get You Motherf#@%er" and the story telling masterpiece of "Soul Sucking Jerk." "Nightmare Hippy Girl" is full of great one-liners ("she's playing footsie in another dimension"). Beck has a real talent for stringing words together.

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