Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Band On The Wall

Marilyn Crispell/Eddie Prevost: Band On The Wall. Posted by Hello

I'm currently spinning this fine disc from 1994 as I unwind in my new surroundings. It's interesting to contrast this particular piano/drums combination with the fantastic Duo CD from 1989 where the drummer is Gerry Hemingway (essentially a duet featuring half of the legendary Anthony Braxton Quartet).

Band On The Wall
features many familiar Crispell gestures and riffs. What is different is the flavor of Prevost in this decidedly non-AMM setting. Prevost is an incredibly sensitive improviser and he seems to know when to match Crispell's kinetic outbursts and when to find a contrasting role.

A real surprise on this disc is the inclusion of a Denny Zeitlin tune: "Quiet Now." There's such a wealth of relatively untapped compositions from that great pianist. I really wish there was a comprehensive box set of Zeitlin's early creative output so I could wrap my head around it. Performances like this one should help generate more interest in Zeitlin's music.

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