Friday, January 28, 2005

More Sounds from the Holy Ghost

Albert Ayler makes an appearance in Cleveland. Posted by Hello

Tonight it was disc 4 of Revenant's excellent box set. This one continues with the same quintet as Disc 3 and presents one long set from their April 1966 appearance in Cleveland. The sound quality is really rough on this one and once again the quality of the ideas is strong enough to distract from the technical failings.

A good dose of spirited improvisation on this one. I remain enchanted by the violin/sax/trumpet combination with this rhythm section. "Zion Hill" in particular has a fantastic energy to it. These players are tuned in to each other as they continually respond to and give way for one another.

Albert Ayler is a significant figure in the history of creative improvised/free improvisation. Holy Ghost is a great documentation of why his unique voice and approach are so enduring and influential. This instrumentation and sound reminds me of the group New and Used with Mark Feldman on the violin, Dave Douglas on trumpet and Andy Laster on sax. Clearly there's a lineage between the two ensembles. It's a great tradition to be a part of.

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