Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Great Hall, London 1982

The esteemed John Tilbury. Posted by Hello

Today I continued on to disc 2 of Laminal by AMM. This time I'm transported to Goldsmiths College in London on February 20, 1982. Cornelius Cardew is sadly absent. But now we have John Tilbury at the piano and he is a welcome addition to the group dynamic.

The spirit found in the 1969 performance of disc 1 is perceptible. But now there's a different take on texture and a willingness to allow more variation over time. It is still a co-operative sound. The texture is devoid of hierarchy. There's still no "soloist" or "accompaniment" role being played out. This is a texture that fluctuates organically with each performer playing as an equal contributer. I hear it as raw creativity rich with ideas and a beautiful extended balance between players.

The long, sublimated improvisation draws my attention toward Tilbury's piano (as it is my instrument). The spareness of his approach and the care in which he adds to the texture is exquisite.

The AMM aesthetic calls for a quiet intensity. The long durations and restricted volume draw my perceptions into a taut, encompassing environment. I find myself observing rich details in an otherwise featureless landscape. A welcome excursion for the ears.

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