Monday, January 03, 2005

Discovering the history of Secret Chiefs 3

Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws by Secret Chiefs 3. Posted by Hello

This disc is Secret Chiefs 3 sophomore effort and is a significant stylistic and technical departure from First Grand Constitution and Bylaws. There's the same creative, scattershot energy at work but this one is less aggressive and seems to rest more comfortably within its own framework.

This disc confronts the paradox of rhythmic pulse: maintaining a steady groove without sliding into mindless repetition. Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws introduces many timbres and techniques readily identifiable with electonica music and there are moments when it settles into some alarmingly steady dance grooves. But it balances this energy against an imaginary film narritive with quick edits and transitions. The cinematic idea is further reinforced by the recurrance of various middle-eastern inspired scales and melodies. It makes for a fun listen.

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