Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Little Internet Radio

Whew. Things have been so busy I've barely had time to keep up the "Scale of the Day" action at the blog.

I recently added high-speed internet to my life. Which finally gives me a chance to check out Kyle Gann's wonderful Postclassic radio station. I've followed Gann's columns in the Village Voice for over a decade and read his blog often. He's a thoughtful writer/teacher/composer and a champion of a vital stream of music that doesn't always register on the "mainstream" radar. To be honest, as a dial-up surfer I was always annoyed at how many of his blog entries would dwell on his station and playlists as they seemed remote to my corner of the internet. What a difference a little DSL line makes. Here's three pieces that really made my day:

It was a real pleasure to hear Barstow by Harry Partch. Partch is such an important figure for me. And I'd forgotten just how great Barstow is. There's something so warm in those original recordings. Something alive in hearing Partch's own voice reading hobo inscriptions set to his distinctive music.

A big discovery for me was Devolution by Anthony De Ritis. I'm not familiar with this composer's work. Based on what I've heard so far I would love to hear more. Hell, I'd love to track down Devolution on CD. Wow! Bravo!

And Tableau Vivants by James Tenney. I have fond memories of Tenney bringing in the pencil draft of that composition (in progress) to class one day and discussing it. I later heard Sound Pressure perform the world premiere in Montreal.

Just three great works from an impressive playlist.

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