Sunday, October 10, 2004

Scale of the Day: E Octave subdivided: 2 equal [2 equal/2 equal]

The E Octave subdivided: 2 equal[2 equal/2 equal] scale. Long name for a simple scale. The octave is divided into to equal tempered parts (1200.00 cent octave is divided in half with an interval of 600.00 cents) and the two intervals on either side are divided in half as well (resulting in an octave divided into four equal parts of 300.00 cents each). Posted by Hello

Today is the anniversary of the birth of two inspiring (and stylistically contrasting) composers: Thelonius Monk was a tremendous jazz pianist and composer (Off Minor and 'Round Midnight spring to mind) and Stephen Scott is the composer of a significant body of works for bowed piano. Check them both out.

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